Welcome to Day 26 of HopeSpeaks: 30 Stories in 30 Days.  Learn more about the HopeSpeaks campaign and submit your story here!   See all HopeSpeaks stories here!

Today’s HopeSpeaks post is a video interview with Lakeya and Micah.  They’ve grown up in Detroit, and currently live in Hamtramck, the “city inside Detroit.”

Share in their amazing story of HOPE for the diversity that defines modern-day Detroit, and in the teenage generation preparing to inherit the city!  Leave some encouragement and share YOUR story in the comment section!

(default is in Standard Definition; feel free to turn on HD if you have the speed. Or, watch the YouTube version if Vimeo won’t play on your device)

10 Responses to “Day 26: Teenage Hope”

  1. YEA!!! Wow, these young ladies are amazing. I love that you can SEE the hope on their faces.
    I hope that is how we all live!

  2. here’s two great reasons why I still am a youth pastor! love them so much – and love Jesus (who is seen clearly on their faces)! HOPEWORKS indeed!

  3. These young ladies represent the brightest hope for our city.

  4. Incredible insight and vision – from two teenage girls! This is awesome.

  5. Amazing! These girls said it! I want to be like them!

  6. Shirley Temple Bickerstaff says:

    These young ladies gave me more HOPE in the next generation. I always new that even though I saw and encountered a truck load of rock head tweens (twenty-somethings and teens) that made me weep for our future, God had the situation in hand. These young ladies and many of the other Repo kids and Xmin youths are the manifestation of what God can do!!! They are so on fire and such an inspiration and so for real! Awesome young women of God, awesome post! Hopeworks works!

  7. I’m so proud of these girls because in the middle of their real struggles they share hope. To their unsaved family and classmates they are hope dealers! I love them!! And let me tell you, these girls can PRAY! So watch out world 🙂

  8. I love that they want to see their families, friends, and community all find Hope! AND that they aren’t just talking about it but doing it – this kind of Hope will change Detroit!

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