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By Chris Chowdhury:

Almost three years ago, I saw Frank for the first time at Real Cup Cafe. Frank looked rough, like he had been living on the streets. His countenance was gruff and unmovable. Among the other visitors — children, regulars, and volunteers — Frank wasn’t my immediate choice for conversation that morning.  Nevertheless, he was new, and I thought I should at least try to talk to him. So, I grabbed a coffee and sat down right in front of him.

At first, the silence was awkward.  Clearly, Frank hadn’t expected anyone to sit down like that.  But eventually he spoke. I asked him simple, “safe” questions about where he grew up and what he did for a living. And, to be honest, I don’t really remember all the answers he gave, but as the weeks went on, he kept returning and our awkward chats became a regular meeting.  And a lot less awkward.

More and more, Frank opened up and shared his story, and I shared my own, too.  What really moved things forward were our post-service conversations (Real Cup is the adjoining cafe to Real Church). Some weeks the sermon hit Frank hard, and he couldn’t help but tell me how it was making him think and want to change his life.

Another thing that changed each week was Frank’s appearance. Not that what you wear defines who you are, but for Frank, changing appearance meant changing his lifestyle too. One time he even showed up for a service in a suit and wearing glasses, which helped earn him the nickname “The Professor.”   He was a long way removed from the once beligerant and stubborn man I met at first.

Now, Frank is a regular attender, holds down a job, and shares his faith with people on the street just as down-trodden as he once was.  He smiles, and talks freely with people, and knows that his life matters.  Frank is a symbol of hope to others — an insider who shares his hope with everyone he meets.   Frank found hope – and the city finds hope in people like Frank.

Do you know someone who gives you hope for your city?

Photo Credit: Cris Rocha

7 Responses to “Day 6: The Professor”

  1. Awesome story. This is the kind of HOPE Detroit is made of!

    My friend Dee Dee, who actually wrote for #HopeSpeaks a few days ago, gives me hope!

  2. I love Frank’s story! I remember seeing the night & day difference in his life as he allowed Jesus to change his life.

    The ladies I see encouraging each other every week at my house give me hope. They’re letting Jesus use them & change them!

  3. That’s an awesome reminder to be persistant and purposeful in our daily conversations. Great blog 🙂

  4. Hope catches on one person at a time. There are so many Franks in our city, waiting for hope.

  5. Only the physical body of your fthear was gone,but his spirit is eternal. His love to you is the strongest force and it will never end.Happy birthday Leona and many more to come.Yeung

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