After an incredible September filled with stories of Hope for Detroit, October has marked the the launch of HopeWorks.

We’re a foundation dedicated to the peace and prosperity of the city, and our vision is to reach an entire generation — spreading hope, love, and the message of Christ to all in need.

God wants us to live generously, and we began the month by partnering with Real Church, and challenging each other to give generously to the new endeavor of HopeWorks!  Its been an amazing month so far, and as we come up on the halfway point, we are excited to invite you to partner with us as well.

Don’t think you have anything extra to give?  Neither did the little boy in John 6.  But he gave all he had – his lunch – and Jesus used it to feed 5000 peopleSo here’s an idea:  Why not give God your lunch, and see what He can do with it?

That’s the heart behind the LunchMoney giving campaign.

How does it work? For the remainder of October, we’re asking you to commit to giving the monetary value of your lunch, every day, and to find one other person to do it with you.

Yes, you can still eat your lunch, but track (or estimate) how much it cost, and commit to giving the total each week.  If you eat at home or pack a lunch, estimate the cost of groceries for the meal.  Eating out? Match what you spend.  Fasting?  Donate what you would have spent.  Be creative – and have fun giving to the work of God.  If you’re just getting started, feel free to double the amount to make it an even month!

2 Responses to “LunchMoney: An Invitation to Give”

  1. I just started my second box of candy! I purchased the candy, so 100% of the $1 that I’m selling the candy bars for goes straight to HopeWorks! God is multiplying already! takes my $36 turns it into $72, can’t wait to see what He does from there!

  2. Awesome Margie! We’re believing for an awesome miracle this month, and you’re part of it 🙂

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