Meet Dale. He takes the bus into the city several times a week, and as he passes by buildings and neighborhoods, he’s struck by the potential all around him. He loves the city, and he loves being a part of the city. He believe that HopeWorks when we invest in the city!

2 Responses to “Video: Best City Ever”

  1. The Official says:

    Dale, you are so right on about so many things! It’s people like you that make Detroit great and it makes my heart smile to know there are more and more people everyday that give faith and hope to the future of our wonderful city and the people who live here. Hello Detroit! Your time has come to rise and we believe in you and your people!

  2. Dale you are the best advertisement ever for the D. Thanks for showing your passion for a wonderful city. sure Detroit is under the microscope for mismanagement; but with HOPE we can fuel it’s rebirth; like the Phoenix it is. Thanks HOPEWORKS for showing your love for the D.

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