Abby wrote a few weeks ago for the HopeSpeaks campaign, and talked about how the students give her hope.  In this video interview, she talks more on the subject!

3 Responses to “Video: Hope at Wayne State”

  1. Shirley Temple Bickerstaff says:

    what a wonderful video! Abby is such a soldier for the Lord and such fine example of young leadership. I’m so glad you have shared this post! she is an inspiration and a willing catalyst for change in this city and the world. God is using Detroit and blessing Detroit. What a privilege it is to be used by God!!!!!

  2. Ugh the last few weeks of the year always fly!! I,ve been doing make up for about 3 mothns. I am no pro but I am trying. MUA?? Makeup artist?? I guess im my own makeup artist lol but besides that no . I just commented on your channel and im about to post on my fb <3

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